Census 2017
Dear Parishioners:

This letter was handwritten and then put into the computer. It was then photocopied to the great number of exemplars needed. We can see herein the advantages technology offers our times. It is our hope that we will be ever better able to serve the parish by taking more and more advantage of the good things contemporary computing programs afford us. It is to this end that we ask your patient cooperation with the census.

Most likely, you will fill out, by hand, the census form and, like this letter, the data will be entered into our Power Church data storage and retrieval program. Then, like this letter, we can multiply exponentially and accomplish effortlessly our parish office's work. With Power Church we will be able to retrieve sacramental records and prepare certificates and even address envelopes in a minute or so; emails can be sent to one or all; financial accuracy of parish accounts; track maintenance and repair; maintain an up to date calendar; cross reference; access documents pertinent to our history; and so on... just to name a few items. All this effortlessly.

I am sure you join the parish staff's hope to keep our parish technologically cutting edge. And so, it remains only to thank you. May God bless you all.

In Christ,
frsteve sig
Fr. Steve

P.S. One advantage the old handwritten letter still has over computers is it kept this letter short. But, alas, my handwriting is illegible. Oh well, that's what computers are for.

Parish Registration and Census Form

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